Our Services


e-Vision is dedicated to helping customers maximize their software investment through access to its vast community support network and e-Vision’s experienced software specialists. Through working closely with our customers; e-Vision Software consultants can easily identify workflow, reporting, certification and other areas of improvement and develop comprehensive plans and implementation strategies to achieve their future goals and vision.

e-VisionSoftware Consulting Services helps customers to: • Maximizing efficiency through streamline workflow processes. • Increasing data collection and accessibility for a complete picture of care. • Achieving higher operational productivity. • Creating a paperless environment.

Why e-Vision Consulting Services? • Optimizing your IT strategy & systems integration. • Evaluating your return on investment. • Adopting best practice and raise quality standards. • Conducting operational reviews and benchmarking • Developing cost containment/reduction strategies.

We have a long & successful track record in addressing the business requirements of organizations and companies, and managing the most critical initiatives by offering a full range of management & IT consulting. The Consulting team combines a professional pool of Senior Consultants, Subject Matter Experts, and Project Managers who provide the following practices: • Business Strategy & Planning • Human Resources Management • Business Process Management • Project Management